Anglo Grosvenor Project

Anglo Grosvenor ProjectAnglo Grosvenor Project

Power On Q was contracted by ABB Australia Pty Ltd to work with them in designing a power protection solution to meet the needs of the Anglo Grosvenor Mine Site in Queensland. It was evident that there were various power requirements around the site and as such Power On Q was presented with the scope of coming up with a consistent solution to be installed in all the switchrooms on the mine site, in order to provide one type of system to understand for ease of maintenance in the future.

The initial design included an 11kVA modular UPS Unit, Extended Battery Cabinets, an Electromechanical Bypass Switch, a Load Centre and PDU, all sourced from Power On Australia and then housed in a suitable data cabinet. Once this design was approved, Power On Q provided the project management, factory testing and commissioning to ensure the roll out of the total turnkey solution was successful.

Since the pilot project was completed, a further 11 configurations have been rolled out across the site.

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