Businesses across Australia need uninterrupted power in order to conduct operations on a daily basis. Industries such as information technology, manufacturing, and health care depend upon constant power sources and the Eaton 9130 UPS is one such device that can provide it. Power On Australia has been supplying Eaton power products to businesses throughout Australia for over a decade. The company, headquartered in Brisbane, has sales and support offices in every capital city across the country in order to provide simple, practical solutions for all types of power systems. Power On Australia has become a premier provider of power solutions by ensuring that customers receive the right product to meet their application. It is part of how the company keeps Australia turned on.

The Eaton 9130 And Other Power Solutions

Eaton produces a wide range of products including electrical equipment and systems. Power On Australia supplies Eaton products because they offer the largest selection of power management and protection solutions that businesses can find in the industry. No matter the size or scope of an operation, Power On Australia will help a business find the most suitable solution. The UPS Eaton 9130, for example, helps to resolve utility power problems and ensures power protection for a variety of industries including IT, manufacturing, and any operation that requires continuous power.

The 9130 also comes in a rackmount, and is able to deliver online power quality for rack servers, storage systems, voice and data networks, and more. The Eaton 9130 rackmount is efficient, extends battery life, and has an easy-to-use LCD user interface that makes monitoring very simple. Power On Australia also supplies a variety of other products including generators, surge filters, power conditioners, and much more. The well-trained staff at the company will make sure that companies receive the right product that meets their application needs.

The Power On Australia Mission

Power On Australia set out to be the country’s preferred power and power systems specialist. The company has become just that by providing solutions for all types of power and power systems. The people at the company work with customers to ensure that their power systems are running smoothly and safely day after day. Power On Australia understands that companies must have power in order to be efficient. Companies that work with Power On Australia are protected against surges, power spikes, and other power events that may disrupt normal operations.

Providing Australian businesses with items such as the Eaton 9130 battery is an easy way to increase an operation’s overall efficiency. An operation that is more efficient can produce more for less, ultimately increasing the bottom line. Power On Australia works closely with its customers to plan ahead for future expansion. Instead of replacing out-of-date equipment, the company works with customers to integrate products like an Eaton 9130 rackmount UPS to help protect and support future growth.

Take the guesswork out of power options by working with Power On Australia. Let the company’s experts develop solutions that protect power supplies, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. To learn more about what Power On Australia can provide, visit the company’s website,, or call 1300 66 24 35.

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