It is one of a modern business’s biggest fears – a power disruption. As employees are busy working on their computers and other electronic machinery, the power goes out. Without something like the Eaton 5130 UPS, work is lost and valuable time is wasted. Power On Australia, with its headquarters in Brisbane, has been providing power and power protection solutions like the Eaton 5130 to businesses and organisations around Australia for the past 12 years. With a sales and support system located throughout the nation, the company offers power protection solutions quickly to its customers so that they may continue to produce at optimal levels.

Why Choose The Eaton 5130?

Eaton is one of the world’s leaders in the production of power solutions. The company produces everything from devices that help to guide commercial aircraft to power chain management tools. The Eaton 5130 is a rackmount convertible UPS unit that delivers results more like units that are much larger and much higher priced. Customers using the unit enjoy the long battery runtime options, the multiple communication options, and the high power density, and the high output power factor. When a customer suffers a power outage, the Eaton uninterruptible power supply makes sure that power is supplied during the disruption so that users of computers, for example, can save their work and shut down their machines properly. The UPS device also protects against any electrical failures and malfunctions that could lead to harm against employees or company property.

Power On Australia Can Help You With Power Solutions

Power On Australia has long been committed to providing simple yet practical solutions for all types of power and power systems. Power spikes, blackouts, and power surges are going to happen. Let Power On Australia minimise the effects of a power disruption by providing your organisation with the appropriate solution.

Every business needs safe, reliable power to keep its operations running smoothly from day to day. It is imperative that businesses have experts who understand power and power systems consult, plan, and install the power system and protection system that best suits their needs – a UPS Eaton 5130 for example. That is the type of service that business owners receive from Power On Australia. The company takes the time to listen and make sure it understands its customers’ power protection requirements. The facts are analysed and recommendations are made to provide the most cost effective solution.

Not only can Power On Australia install the right power system, the company also provides a wide range of other services and support. Those services include site power audits, energy monitoring, safety management system development, and much more. The company understands how important power is and works to ensure any problems are sorted out quickly. There is a large stockholding of products with the large network of suppliers that the company uses. Also, the sales and support network throughout Australia means that Power On Australia can respond quickly to any problem anywhere.

For more information on how Power On Australia can assist your business or organisation, visit the company website,, or call 1300 66 24 35.

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