The business world requires power, and lots of it. Power On Australia is committed to delivering power system solutions to businesses across the country. Eaton UPS systems, for example, are used by numerous operations to ensure they have high quality backup power for everything from desktop computers to larger data centers. Power On Australia is a leading supplier of Eaton products and others to businesses throughout Australia. With its main office in Brisbane, the company has sales and support staff in each capital city to provide simple power solutions. It is the mission of the company to provide efficient, effective, and economical products and services to its customers who are in need of the right solution.

Eaton UPS Is A World Leader

Eaton is one of the world’s leading producers of uninterruptible power supply systems. Such systems are designed to keep computing systems running after there has been a power disruption. A major storm, for example, may knock out the power of a large medical facility. Uninterruptible power supplies, like an Eaton UPS system, can keep medical devices powered while the main power system problem is resolved. High quality backup power is essential in many industries and Power On Australia works with its individual customers to determine what products are best suited for their individual applications.

Eaton helps to power businesses around the world providing a range of products from fuel-efficient systems to power chain management tools. Power On Australia provides UPS systems as well as others that perform as promised. The company will only supply those products that meet their high performance and longevity standards. Customers can receive assistance with items such as generators, surge filters, power conditioners, switchboards, and much more.

How Power On Australia Helps Businesses

Many businesses across Australia, and the rest of the world, are reactive by nature especially when it comes to power. Power On Australia helps these same operations become more proactive, which can help to do things such as reduce potential downtime in situations where power has been lost. A power solution can also keep employees and property safe in the case of an electrical malfunction.

Working with Power On Australia will also help an operation save money. Being proactive by protecting power can be part of a plan for future expansion. The company will work directly with a customer to integrate a system that will not only protect power supplies, but also support future growth. With a wide range of products from which to choose, the expert team at Power On Australia will find the optimal solution to make sure that all of a business’s electrical equipment and power is protected at all times.

Speak with the professionals at Power On Australia about your power protection system and its requirements. The company will consider all of the facts, analyse your situation, and develop the appropriate products and recommend the best solutions for you. Visit the company website,, for more information or call the company directly at 1300 676 24 35.

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