There’s an electric epidemic brewing within the nation – one of poor connectivity, impacted performance, and lost data. According to a landmark study by the National Power Laboratory, the average computer experiences approximately 298 potentially damaging voltage disturbances each year. This statistic is troubling, with a rise on surges, spikes, and waveform distortions leaving devices vulnerable to damage and disrepair. A solution is needed… and that solution is PC UPS systems online.

Power On Australia recognises the difficulties our clients face with their day-to-day data exchanges. That’s why we now offer PC UPS systems in Brisbane, PC UPS systems in Melbourne, and PC UPS systems in Sydney. We combat the rise of voltage deficiencies through custom strategies and premium products – ensuring that our clients receive the stability they need.

Established in 2004, we serve as the leading provider of PC UPS systems online. We connect each client to superior support, delivering a series of towers, rackmounts, and accessories – each intended to promote long-lasting efficiency and sterling performance. We cater to both the commercial and residential markets, helping individuals achieve clean, continuous power.

We also provide experience. Our team offers full accreditation (having received recognition from the Department of Defence and the APCO). This enables them to suggest PC UPS systems in Brisbane and PC UPS systems in Melbourne more effectively, identifying the problems plaguing consumers.

Recognising the Need for PC UPS Systems in Sydney and Beyond: Common Issues

The necessity of PC UPS systems online is undeniable. Too often, however, individuals choose the wrong solutions for their power problems. This is why we first assess each situation to understand what our clients need. We identify:

  • Surge – this is a sudden spike of power, triggered either by line switching or load changes.
  • Radio Frequency Noise – this is an interruption of the signal-to-noise ratio, which interferes with security performance and impacts wireless signals.
  • Waveform Distortion – this is the reaction caused by a nonlinear current corrupting a switch-mode power supply.
  • Brownout – this is a low voltage issue, with too many devices straining the current and causing deficiencies and more.

We recognise that every client has specific issues and equally specific needs – and so we offer PC UPS systems in Brisbane, PC UPS systems in Melbourne, and PC UPS systems in Sydney that reflect both. Our team strives to create tailored solutions, helping individuals counter their particular problems. We don’t merely assess. We respond.

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Electric systems are forever under siege. We now provide relief, combating every issue with superior service and sterling products. To learn more contact us today on 1-300-662-435. Alternatively, use our online form to send us an enquiry and our team will promptly reply.

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