• Battery Disposal

Battery Disposal

Batteries that are replaced can still contain a significant amount of hazardous waste, including the electrolyte and lead.  Therefore, you must comply with all Environmental legislation and guidelines for the disposal of batteries.

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There are essentially two main categories of battery disposal, for spent batteries and for spills. The primary ways to handle these two categories are:

SPENT BATTERIES – Send to secondary lead smelter for recycling

SPILLED BATTERIES – Place neutralised leaked material into sealed containers and dispose of as hazardous waste, as applicable. Large water-diluted spills, after neutralisation and testing, should be managed in accordance with approved local, state and federal requirements. Consult state environmental agency and/or federal EPA.

RECYCLING – Recycling lead-acid batteries is one of the most successful recycling efforts in the world. According to Battery Council International, more than 97% of lead-acid batteries were recycled between 1997 and 2001. Many states require lead-acid batteries be recycled, and Power On Australia offers a battery recycling program that eliminates the effort and cost of proper battery disposal. You can also search for local battery recycling facilities at http://earth911.org/recycling/battery-recycling

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