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  • Battery Life Tester

Battery Life Tester

If you need to test your 12V batteries … This Battery Life Tester is for you.  Simple, user friendly operation for the everyday user.  

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Product Features

Need to test your batteries for charge? The Battery Life Tester for you. Simple, user friendly operation for the everyday user.

Unlike ordinary testers which only measure static criteria, the BLT measures internal conductivity, which is the best indicator of a battery’s health and life expectancy. The conductivity value, expressed in Mhos (the inverse of Ohms or resistance), is easily compared to benchmark readings from the included Mhos Chart. The chart then categorizes the battery condition as “Best, Good, Weak, or Bad”. Every battery type has a characteristic Mhos value when it is brand new and fully charged.

The BLT is powered by the battery under test and automatically warns when the battery voltage is too low for testing.

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