Eaton 9PX UPS

TECHNOLOGY: On Line (Double Conversion) UPS
POWER RATING: 1, 2, 2.2, 3, 5, 6, 8 & 11 kVA Models Available
PHASE: 1/1 Phase & 3/1 Phase
CONFIGURATION: Rackmount/Tower Convertible
WARRANTY: 2 Year Full (Optional 3, 4 or 5 Year Extended Warranty Plans Available)


The Eaton 9PX UPS provides energy-efficient power protection for small & medium data centres, IT rooms and infrastructure. It delivers double conversion protection with 40% less energy usage and 28% more power. Therefore, it is the perfect UPS for IT and facility managers concerned with energy costs and seeking next-generation power protection solutions.

Eaton 9PX Features Include:

  • It lets you customise UPS settings and view load and power consumption information through the graphical interactive LCD screen interface.
  • Energy efficient (up to 95% in Online mode, 98% in high-efficiency mode)
  • Next-generation graphic LCD (7 languages)
  • Provides more real power (watts) to protect more equipment with a 0.9 power factor
  • Parallel operation using HotSync technology
  • Maintenance Bypass available as an option
  • Energy metering – Monitor kWh values using the LCD or Eaton’s Intelligent Power Software Suite
  • Compatible with Virtual environments (VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, Redhat)

Eaton UPS systems are scaled up or down, and configured to meet your specific power requirements, making it easy to upgrade or expand your power protection as your needs change. 

We offer design, installation and maintenance services to get the most out of your new equipment. We are UPS specialists.

For pricing or further information, please phone Power On Australia on 1300 66 24 35 – OR – complete the enquiry form on this page.

Eaton 9PX 1-3kVA Brochure
Eaton 9PX 2kVA Brochure
Eaton 9PX 5-22kVA Brochure
Eaton 9PX 700VA-3kVA Brochure – Low Voltage

Part Numbers:

1/1 Phase

  • 1kVA Model (Part# 9PX1000IRT2UANZ)
  • 1.5kVA Model (Part# 9PX1500IRT2UANZ)
  • 2kVA Model (Part# 9PX2000iRTAU)
  • 2.2kVA Model (Part# 9PX2200IRT2UANZ)
  • 2.2kVA Model (Part# 9PX2200IRT3UANZ)
  • 3kVA Model (Part# 9PX3000IRT2UANZ)
  • 3kVA Model (Part# 9PX3000IRT3UANZ)
  • 5kVA Model (Part# 9PX5Ki)
  • 6kVA Model (Part# 9PX6Ki)
  • 8kVA Model (Part# 9PX8KiPM)
  • 11kVA Model (Part# 9PX11KiPM)

3/1 Phase

  • 6kVA Model (Part# 9PX6KIPM31)
  • 8kVA Model (Part# 9PX8KIPM31)
  • 11kVA Model (Part# 9PX11KIPM31)

9PX Industrial (Conformally Coated) UPS

  • 1.5kVA Model (Part# 9PX1500IRTCC)
  • 3kVA Model (Part# 9PX3000IRTCC)
  • 5kVA Model (Part# 9PX5Ki-CC)
  • 6kVA Model (Part# 9PX6Ki-CC)
  • 8kVA Model (Part# 9PX8KiPM-CC)
  • 11kVA Model (Part# 9PX11KiPM-CC)

9PX Marine (1.5-3kVA)

  • 1.5kVA Model (Part# 9PX1500IRTMR)
  • 3kVA Model (Part# 9PX3000IRTMR)
  • 1.5kVA Model (Part# 9PX1500IRTM)
  • 3kVA Model (Part# 9PX3000IRTM)
  • 3kVA Model (Part# 9PXMF3KI)

9PX Low Voltage Units (NEMA Specs)

  • 7kVA Model (Part# 9PX700RT)
  • 1kVA Model (Part# 9PX1000RT)
  • 1.5kVA Model (Part# 9PX1500RT)
  • 2kVA Model (Part# 9PX2000RT)
  • 3kVA Model (Part# 9PX3000RT)
  • 36kVA Model (Part# 9PX36V)
Optional Extras
  • External Battery Module for 1/1.5kVA UPS (Part# 9PXEBM48RT2U)
  • External Battery Module for 2/2.2/3kVA UPS (Part# 9PXEBM72RT2U)
  • External Battery Module for 2/2.2/3kVA UPS (Part# 9PXEBM72VRT3U)
  • Battery Extension Cable for 1/1.5kVA UPS (Part# EBMCBL48)
  • Battery Extension Cable for 2/2.2/3kVA UPS (Part# EBMCBL72)
  • Battery Cable Adaptor for 2.2/3kVA UPS (Part# CBLADAPT72)
  • External Battery Module for 5/6kVA UPS (Part# 9PXEBM180)
  • External Battery Module for 6kVA 3:1 Phase & 8-11kVA 1:1 or 3:1 Phase UPS (Part# 9PXEBM240)

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