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Eaton 9SX Rackmount

TECHNOLOGY: On-Line double conversion with automatic bypass and Power factor correction system
POWER RATING: 15kVA & 20kVA Models Available
PHASE: 3/3, 3/1 & 1/1 Phase
CONFIGURATION: Tower/Rackmount Convertible


Product Features

The Eaton 9SX Rackmount UPS 15K/20kVA UPS provides stable power for critical IT infrastructure, Industrial, Manufacturing and Medical devices.  With advanced technology to improve the double conversion efficiency and reduce footprint, saving both cost and rack space.  Eaton’s 9SX product with it’s robustness in design for harsh environments, or applications outside of a comms room.

The Eaton 9SX Rackmount UPS Features Include:

  • High Efficiency Double conversion efficiency up to 96%.  9SX reduces energy usage & CO2 emissions to help IT Managers save costs on power and cooling.
  • High Power Factor – Unity power factor (VA=Watt) Powers more servers than similar UPSs with equivalent VA ratings with lower power factors.
  • Versatile Installation – Can be easily deployed as a rack mount or free standing (tower) unit.
  • High Power Density – The 15kVA/20kVA power module is only 3U rack space.  The short depth chassis suitable to be deployed in cabinets as shallow as 800mm deep.  At 438mm wide for standard 19″ rack mounting.
  • Versatile wiring – Input and output wiring can be connected as 3 phase or 1 phase 3-3, 3-1, 1-1 mode.  Utility input and bypass input can be connected as single source or separated source.  All wiring modes catered for by a single SKU.  Modes are changed by use of copper jumpers provided.
  • Large Coloured Touch Screen LCD – Built-in gravity sensor that automatically rotates the screen based on UPS deployment orientation.
  • ESS Mode – Achieve up to 98.8% efficiency in ESS mode.  System switches to online mode on demand in less than 2ms response time.
  • Battery Management – Eaton’s exclusive ABM technology increases battery service life by 50%.  ABM uses an advanced, three-stage charging technique and closely monitors battery health to provide advanced notice when batteries need replacement.  Variable charging current ranges from 0-13A, suitable for recharging larger battery banks.
  • Endurance of Harsh Environments – Operation temperature up to 50 degrees celcius.  Maximum operation altitude up to 4000m.  Line mode overload capacity up to 10min at 125% rated load.
  • Professional HMI for operation, configuration and setting – Multi connectivity port – RS232, USB, dry in/out, EPO, intelligent slot.
  • Intelligent Power Management Software – IPP/IPM compatible with all major OS including virtualization software such as VMware and Hyper-V
  • Maintenance Bypass Moduel (MBP) – Integrated maintenance bypass and load segment.  Load segment control enables prioritized shutdown of nonessential equipment to maximize battery runtime for critical devices.
  • Paralleled systems require 1 x MBP per UPS module.  MBP20KPARA (Paralleling module) available for ease of deployment of a 2-UPS paralleled system.
  • External Battery Module (EBM) – Connect up to 6 pairs (2*6) of EBMs for extended runtime.  Minimum deployment is 2 x EBMs per UPS, with increments of 2s.
  • Giga but network card available – Network-M2
  • Giga bit Modbus card available – INDGW-M2
  • Environmental Module which monitors temperature and humidity – EMPDT1H1C2

For Price Information please phone Power On Australia on 1300 66 24 35 – OR – complete the enquiry form on this page


Eaton 9SX 15-20kVA Brochure
Eaton 9SX 15-20kVA Technical Specifications
Eaton 9SX 15-20kVA User Manual
Eaton 9SX 15-20kVA Battery Runtime Chart
Eaton 9SX 15-20kVA Maintenance Bypass Manual
Eaton 9SX 15-20kVA Maintenance Bypass Technical Specifications

Part Numbers
  • 15kVA Model (Part# 9SX15KPMAU)
  • 20kVA Model (Part# 9SX20KPMAU)
  • External Battery Module (Part# 9SXEBM480RT6U)
  • Rackmounting Kit (Part# RT3URK)

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