Eaton ASC48-ES

TECHNOLOGY: Solar Charger
WARRANTY: 2 Year Full Warranty


Product Features

The Eaton ASC48-ES Solar Charger cuts energy costs for communications network operators to meet aggressive carbon footprint reduction targets.

The High-performance Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function will extract the maximum available power from attached solar panels.

Maximum power, with a combined efficiency above 96%, is available to charge batteries and run load under all conditions.

The solar charger utilises intelligent digital signal processing to enhance control, achieving a peak efficiency of over 96% for typical operating loads while also maintaining a very high minimum operational efficiency of 95 to 96% over a wide range of loads (from 30% to 100% of the 2kW capacity).

The ASC48-ES combines with the Eaton SC200 controller to provide a fully managed solution. Complete monitoring includes energy metering and logging on input and output.

The ASC48-ES is fully compatible with Eaton 3G systems, such as the APS3 and APS6 systems. One or more APR48-ES rectifiers connected in parallel will produce a versatile power solution for both AC or generator and solar power.

The Eaton ASC48-ES Solar Charger is ideal for a fully integrated solar and diesel hybrid solution or an AC-powered system with solar added to reduce energy consumption.

Intelligent control in the SC200 allows optimal solar energy and backup fuel balance. It is rated for operation at temperatures up to 70°C and protected against input over-voltage, surges and over-temperature.

  • 2000W output power
  • MPPT extracts the maximum available energy
  • Energy saving efficiency greater than 96%
  • Wide efficiency curve
  • Industry-leading power density
  • Fast online expansion of rectifiers (hot-swap)
  • Simple ‘plug and go’ insert
  • Digital signal processing for enhanced control
  • Wide input and output voltage range
  • Compliant with international standards

Eaton UPS systems are scaled up or down, and configured to meet your specific power requirements, making it easy to upgrade or expand your power protection as your needs change. 

We offer design, installation and maintenance services to get the most out of your new equipment. We are UPS specialists.

For pricing or further information, please phone Power On Australia on 1300 66 24 35 – OR – complete the enquiry form on this page.

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