Mini Shelter

HEIGHT 2100mm
WIDTH:  905 mm

905 mm


Product Features

The Mini Shelter is designed to provide a secure and clean environment to back-up power, communications, IT, or industrial equipment in a harsh or outdoor situation. Typical applications include cellular BTS (base station transceivers), road & rail traffic measurement, data and metrological equipment, and industrial process control. It is suited to any application where sensitive equipment and or back-up power are required to be stationed in an environmentally harsh location.

The enclosure is designed to resist the rigours of the environment, and is made from insulated steel panels and proprietary aluminium extrusions. The insulated skin design ensures heating from solar insolation is minimised and a secure 3 point locking system together with an embedded door and concealed hinges keep vandals from gaining access to the equipment within.

A 48V DC powered and electronically controlled heat exchanger removes waste heat through a sealed radiator using high reliability speed controlled fans. The enclosure and heat exchanger will ensure rain, moisture, dust and vermin is kept well away from the equipment inside. An AC 240V heater can maintain the internal environment in sub-zero situations.

A battery compartment in the lower half of the cabinet is thermally isolated from the upper hot zone, ensuring best possible life time for the critical batteries. Options exist for further cooling or heating of the battery zone.

When using Eaton’s latest technology APS-3G (Access Power System) with hot-swappable Energy Saver APR48-ES rectifier modules and SC200 controller, you can provide a highly reliable DC power source for your equipment. When combined with Eaton’s PW range SLA batteries you have a fully un-interruptible power system to support and run the cabinet and it’s enclosed equipment.


  • Steel sandwich panel construction
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Attractive powder coat finish
  • Vandal resistant 3 point locking
  • Galvanised steel base
  • 48V DC Heat Exchanger for heat removal
  • Filtered air inlet/outlet to battery compartment
  • 240V AC Heater
  • DC Power System options to 48V 10,800W, 225A
  • Suits 450Ah (48V) battery capacity
  • Remote monitoring and control of DC Power System
  • AC Surge Protection, 48V Internal Service Light
  • Options for 24Vdc, 110Vdc or even 240Vac output
  • Options for battery or equipment expansion


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Mini Shelter Technical

Base Fixing Diagram

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