Health Sector


A department in the health sector approached Power On Australia to help with some generator issues. The organisation had engaged another company, but weren’t happy with the solution devised by this company – feeling it was too simplistic and based on a ‘quick fix’ approach.

Power on Australia tested all the power systems and found there was a switchboard interface issue with the generator. Furthermore, some of the key services weren’t wired to the generator either.


All power services have been rewired and retested with actual building loads test simulation showing power loss and tangible results. The organisation is now confident of carrying out simple test procedures monthly. They no longer need electricians or mechanics on site – they simply push one test button up and all is viewable by the easy to operate control panel.

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The difference in service between the other company and Power On Australia was like night and day. From the first phone call, I was impressed.

The team is very professional; offered sound, real advice that was uncomplicated and easy to follow and seemed to genuinely want to help.

They took the time to do a thorough analysis of the situation, then devised a solution which resolved everything quickly. I highly recommend the Power On Solution and its team of qualified electricians and engineers. Overall, I found Power On Australia’s integrity and honesty to be refreshing.


Health Sector

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