At Power On Australia, it is always our goal to always keep the power running for your computer systems, your server rooms, your data centres and your other most important electrical assets. Even the smallest power disruption can be devastating for a company that relies on internet servers and computing centre, and can impact everything from your productivity, to your public reputation, to your overall profit.

One of the ways in which Power On Australia can help your business weather the storm of a power disruption is through the use of a UPS, or an uninterruptible power supply. A UPS system allows your computing assets to retain electricity and stay online, even during blackouts or brownouts. Whether your goal is to make it through a blackout without having to take your servers online, or shut down the computers in your data centre safely after the power disruption hits, having a UPS will give you the ability to do either.

Why Riello UPS?

Among our favorite brands for uninterruptible power supplies is Riello. Riello is a good company that makes high-quality, dependable power protection products in their factory in Italy.

Riello UPS systems range from single phase to three phase, and from 400 VA (volt-amperes) of power to 6.4 MVA. On their website, Riello claim that their UPS systems can be used ‘for applications ranging from home offices to larger industrial plants to data centres.’ Such versatility is something that our customers at Power On Australia consistently appreciate, which is why UPS systems from Riello have remained popular among our product stable for most of our 18 years in business.

Choosing the Right Riello UPS for You

Looking for a Riello UPS in Australia? If so, Power On Australia is the company to sell it to you! We have a range of different power protection products from Riello, and we believe at least one will suit your needs. Read on below, for a selection of our most popular Riello products.

  • Riello Net Power UPS: The Net Power range is a popular line of UPS products for Riello. Available in 600 to 2000 VA models, Riello’s Net Power systems come with Automatic Voltage Regulation, advanced communications, a two-year warrantay, automatic battery testing and more. Learn more about this type of Riello UPS on our website.
  • Riello Vision: The Riello Vision comes in models ranging from 800 to 3,000 VA. These models feature Sinusoidal Digital Technology and advanced communications and connectivity (to protect network devices, servers and more). Click here to learn more about the Vision.
  • Riello Sentinal: The Riello Sentinal has a similar power protection range to the Vision (700 to 3,000 VA), but features On-Line Double Conversion Technology, which provides extra protection and reliability for critical load servers, voice and data applications and more.
  • Riello iDialog: Small and economical (600 to 1,600 VA), the iDialog is mostly ideal for use in home officies and for protecting PCs and maybe a few peripheral devices. Click here for the iDialog.

Do you have questions about any of these uninterruptible power supplies, or are you interested in purchasing a Riello UPS in Australia? If so, get in touch Power On Australia and we will help you pick out the right power protection product for you. You can reach us via telephone, at 1300 662 435.

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