If your company has been looking into obtaining an efficient UPS system to ensure you don’t suffer loss of data when the power goes out, you have probably stumbled upon several Riello designs, such as the Riello Sentinel and the Riello Idialog. Riello is a powerful name in the UPS industry, but choosing from their array of products can be difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a company out there who could tell you whether the Riello UPS Sentinel or Riello UPS Idialog would be better for your system?

Luckily enough, Power On Australia provides just these services. As Australia’s leading power consulting company, Power On Australia has access to the top brands of UPS systems, as well as the best vendors and companies to install, maintain, and repair these products. They carry a range of products from top names like Riello, and offer a large selection of UPS systems (from standby to line interactive to online and more).

With more than a decade of experience providing smart power solutions throughout Australia, Power On Australia is the best choice for companies looking into UPS systems who do not have the know-how or manpower to implement, test, and repair their own systems. If you have been eyeing the Riello UPS Idialog or the Riello UPS Sentinel, Power on Australia can help.

Choosing Between the Riello Sentinel and Riello Idialog: Which Is Best?

The Riello Sentinel is a UPS system that is ideal for absolutely critical applications, such as medical or security systems. This UPS system contains features such as an economy mode, which allows the Sentinel to increase its efficiency up to 98%. It also has a high battery life and reliability, which can be crucial during power downtimes. It offers a power range of 5 to 10 KVA.

The Riello Idialog, on the other hand, pushes 600 to 1600 VA and has a power rating of 400 to 1600 VA. The Idialog is great for having on hand in home offices or residences, as well as protecting and running home cinema systems, satellite and digital receivers, DVRs, televisions, modems, routers, and other small home appliance systems. One of the best features of the Idialog is that it is silent, so you won’t hear loud, noisy fan systems while it is running. It also comes with an auto restart function.

Whether you are looking for a UPS system for a small home office, other home appliances, or work computers and servers, Riello and Power On Australia have the perfect solution for you. Whether it’s the Riello Idialog, the Riello Sentinel, or a different UPS system, Power On Australia will work hard to find the best match for your power supply needs. To find out more information on their services or catalogue or to inquire about a particular system, log on to their website at http://poweronaustralia.com.au.

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