Electricity is a utility that many people and companies take for granted. However, we quickly realise how dependent we are on it when at outage strikes. However, some companies and building have a higher need for UPS net power (or uninterrupted power supplies) to keep their businesses going when power crashes. One of the most common fixes is investing in a UPS such as the Riello UPS Net Power or Riello UPS Vision systems. However, power solutions like the Riello net power and Riello vision systems are only one part of the solution. Investing in a power firm, such as Power On Australia, will ensure you receive the best care available when a power outage strikes, keeping your organisation fully operational.

About Power On Australia

Power on Australia is a leading consultant for Austrian power and power systems solutions. They work with companies to help find innovative power solutions to protect company data and files in the case of a power interruption. For the past 12 years, Power on Australia has been serving Australian companies in each capital city of the continent.

So why would you need a consulting firm to purchase power products like the Riello UPS net power system or the Riello UPS vision? Power On Australia provides much more assistance than just consulting. They work closely with their customers to ensure the proper system is matched to their needs, and then help with the instillation of the system. They also offer maintenance and repairs to help make sure the customer’s power supply is always protected and ready for a power outage.

Learn More About the Riello Vision and Riello Net Power Systems

The Riello Vision and Riello Net Power systems are all line interactive UPS. The Riello Vision boasts 800 to 2000 VA and comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Riello Vision is perfect for backing up systems, servers, and networks. The Riello Net Power offers 600 to 2000 VA and also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Riello Net Power is also ideal for backing up systems, as the power will immediately engage when an outage strikes.

The trouble with choosing between many power systems is understanding the subtle differences between all of them. Rather than spend more money on a UPS that you don’t truly need, contact Power On Australia to find out which UPS is the best bet for your company. They will provide all of the tools you need to get started, as well as help you set up the product and test it. Furthermore, they will repair your product, should anything ever happen, to ensure your systems are all protected if the power does fail.

To learn more about the Riello Vision, Riello Net Power, or Power On Australia’s services and features, visit Power On Australia’s website at: http://poweronaustralia.com.au.

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