Reliable, Expert Power Protection Solutions

We work with various government departments to tailor power solutions which provide high-quality power, fast turnarounds and a tangible return on investment.

We supply and maintain power protection solutions for a range of government infrastructure from IT and Defence to sewerage treatment plants.

Our experience and expertise in Defence has led us to being awarded a US Treaty from the Australian Department of Defence (Defence Export Control Systems #195450D) to enable us to export goods on their behalf to the US, as well as a NATO Commercial and Government Entity Ranking (ZOKV8) to confirm that we operate to the highest level of quality and service expected by the Department of Defence.


Our Government Clients Include


Department of Defence (Federal Government) – Power On Australia has worked hand in hand with the Department of Defence custom designing, building and deploying many power quality solutions.  For our most recent solution we have designed, built and deployed over 200 units for the upgrade of all the IT infrastructure in Defence medical theatres in a war zone.

Bureau of Meteorology (Federal Government) – Power On Australia has worked closely with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to design and supply suitable UPS units to all weather stations Australia Wide, some in the most remote locations with either freezing or arid temperatures.

Australian Customs & Border Protection Service (Federal Government) – Power On Australia has worked closely with the Australian Customers and Border Protection Service to devise the power protection requirements for their ePassport kiosks and detection equipment throughout their entire network.

Sunwater (QLD State Government) – Over the years Power On Australia has designed and constructed a series of customized DC Systems to support the flood gate opening systems for Sunwater’s managed dams.  The Infrastructure required a ‘Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) to be as low as possible and for the power equipment to be extremely robust for the rugged environment.

Unity Water (QLD State Government) – Power On Australia has provided maintenance support and equipment replacements to many and varied sites throughout Unity Water’s Infrastructure.  From servicing a small UPS to support a reception desk PC to a large customized UPS solution designed to backup a complete waste water treatment plant, Power On Australia has been there for Unity Water every step of the way, ensuring customised solutions with the minimum turn around time.

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