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Whilst data centers for government agencies or financial institutions would certainly feel the effects of downtime due to an electrical interruption, the health industry has the most to lose.  Without a reliable power protection system in place to condition the voltage supply, the efficiency of some medical equipment would be jeopardized. Power transients, surges and disruptions have the potential to damage the electronic components, resulting in unnecessary expense and downtime.

Continuity of clean power is critical to health where patient care is central. As more health care becomes technology focused, Power On Australia is here to provide advice on the most appropriate power quality or protection systems, ensuring peace of mind that health care systems are protected around the clock.

We can design a solution, identify products from leading vendors ideal for your requirements and fully test these products to ensure compliance with medical standards.


Our Health Industry Clients Include


Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital – Power On Australia provides Preventative Maintenance for the key and critical power protection equipment on site.  During Preventative Maintenance site visits, Power On Australia has always gone above and beyond – identifying any potential power risks in the equipment being assessed or to those near by, always keeping in mind just how critical clean and continuous power is when patients are involved.

Queensland Ambulance – Power On Australia was initially engaged by Queensland Ambulance to rectify on site generator issues at one of their stations.  From this visit Power On Australia established that Queensland Ambulance had been purchasing equipment in much larger than required sizes as well as some unnecessary equipment. Power On Australia has since been involved in advising Queensland Ambulance on their site specific power protection and quality requirements and as a consequence, also reducing related expenses. 

Mater Hospital – Power On Australia supplied and assisted in the design and installation of the key Power Protection Equipment supporting all the telecommunications at the Mater Private Hospital.  This project involved months of investigation and negotiation with the onsite engineers to design the ultimate power protection system. This system incorporated two large 80kVA UPS systems in parallel, plus power distribution and system monitoring. Power On Australia provides ongoing maintenance for this equipment and a remote monitoring service ensuring Power On Australia is onsite immediately if a power event occurs.

Redcliffe Hospital – Power On Australia has for many years looked after the ongoing UPS preventative maintenance for the entire Redcliffe Hospital.  Power On Australia has been required to advise Site Engineers on the purchase and installation of UPS equipment to support and protect valuable medical instruments.

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