NSW LPI CORS Infrastructure Project Success

NSW Land & Property Information CORS Infrastructure Project Success


The NSW Department of Land & Property Information is the largest CORS Infrastructure Provider in Australia and one of the largest in the world.

Power On Australia was requested by the NSW Department of Land & Property Information to design various unique power solutions for over 150 Remote CORS Stations incorporating Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Surge Filters and Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. All of which were designed to support a Solar Configuration for aerial photography and remote weather monitoring.

Power On Australia supplied and supported each of the 150 plus sites with the individualised solutions with NIL failures of concept or suggested products recorded.



Client Feedback
Well what can I say … It has now been 5 years that we have been undertaking this project and Power On Australia has every time come up with the most appropriate power solution for the application and location the equipment was going to be subjected to. Thank You Power On Australia for making this project a success for NSW LPI.

Russell Commins | Project Officer (CORS)
Survey Infrastructure and Geodesy
Land and Property Information Division Department

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