Picture this scenario: your business has recently invested in a new network infrastructure, server system or some other expensive electronic improvement. You’ve just finished implementing the new electronics or transferring the bulk of your company’s data to your new server or network. Your business has finally taken the step into the 21st century of information technology, and you couldn’t be happier about that fact.

At least, until you suddenly lose power.

Electricity is a funny thing. It’s easy to take it for granted and assume that it will be a constant in your business operations. The fact is, though, that power is not always a constant. Your business can lose electricity for numerous different reasons, from bad thunderstorms to power grid problems to faulty wiring in your building. Unfortunately, most high-tech electronics or IT setups rely on electricity being a constant. As a result, when these devices or networks lose power suddenly, it can cause technical difficulties that lead to data loss, equipment damage and other severe, difficult-to-solve issues.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

At Power On Australia, our goal is to protect our clients from the dangers of sudden power loss. We achieve this goal by being a trusted supplier for uninterruptable power supplies in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and throughout the country.

What is an uninterruptable power supply and why might your Melbourne business need one? In essence, an uninterruptable power supply (or a UPS, as they are often abbreviated) is a failsafe that can provide your key electronics and IT essentials with electricity if and when their standard power input goes dark. Unlike generators or other alternative sources of power, a UPS can kick in instantaneously when your business loses power, making sure there are no gaps in power supply for key devices or IT infrastructure elements.

Also unlike generators, most uninterruptible power supplies can’t provide electricity to your devices for long. These devices use a combination of battery power, flywheels and other technology to produce stopgap power. ‘Stopgap’ is the key word here: your UPS won’t keep your electronics running for an hours-long power outage. They will, however, give you time to shut everything down properly and prevent equipment damage or data loss.

In essence, investing in an uninterruptible power supply for your business in Sydney or Brisbane is a way to be proactive about power loss. Often, at Power On Australia, we see clients investing in these technologies after suffering the consequences of an unprotected IT setup. Don’t learn the lesson the hard way. You don’t have to lose your data or suffer thousands of dollars in equipment damage to know that sudden power losses are bad news for your electronics. Protect those elements of your business today, by installing a UPS before the power outage occurs.

Where to Find an Uninterruptable Power Supply Online

If you are interested in investing in an uninterruptible power solution for your business, start by shopping online with Power On Australia. We operate in Brisbane, but have sales and support staff in each Australian capital city. Whether you need a UPS in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Canberra or beyond, we can provide it. Call us on 1300 66 24 35 to learn more about our product range.

We’ll keep the power on

Whatever the situation