At Power On Australia, we are more than just a retailer for uninterruptible power supply products in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. While we do provide a wide range of UPS systems for purchase on our website-from a range of popular brands, including Eaton, Riello, Powerware and Sola-we also offer a variety of other services to help you with your power needs.

Indeed, when you work with Power On Australia to find the perfect uninterruptible power supply in Sydney or Adelaide, you also get the help and customer service of true power experts. We have been working in the power and power management industries in Australia for 12 years now, and can help you through every stage of the UPS shopping process, from figuring out the right uninterruptible power supply for your Melbourne or Perth business, to making sure the system is properly installed and fully operational.

Comprehensive UPS Services Available from Power On Australia

Which specific services do we offer at Power On Australia, to make the process of purchasing an uninterruptible power source easier for you?

It all starts with an on-site audit, during which we will take a look at your data centre, server room or whatever computing system that needs power protection, and perform a power protection needs analysis on the system. From this audit, one of our experts should be able to give you a clear recommendation about which type, brand and product model you should be looking for as you shop for an uninterruptible power supply in Adelaide, Brisbane or Sydney.

Next, Power On Australia doesn’t simply abandon you once we’ve sold you a UPS system. On the contrary, we will give you a complete solution project management, not only selling you the specific UPS unit that you need, but also planning the installation, delivering the product to your office or server location, installing the power source and testing and commissioning the product to finally implement it into your system.

Our services don’t even stop once your uninterruptible power supply is installed. Power On Australia will also take care of your warranty coverage, maintenance and UPS monitoring. We can even take a look at your company’s workplace health and safety policies, to help you achieve compliance with national standards, or help you figure out a plan for a more energy efficient business.

Get Your Uninterruptible Power Supply in Perth or Melbourne Today!

Bottom line, if you are shopping for an uninterruptible power supply in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Sydney, there is no company that will take you through more steps of the process than Power On Australia. Power systems are complicated, so letting the experts take you through every step of implementing a new UPS is the best way to make sure that you get the kind of results you want and need!

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