The purpose of an uninterruptible power supply is to protect your electronics or IT infrastructure in the case of power failure. Said another way, your UPS is supposed to be a reliable component in an often unreliable and predictable world.

Needless to say, when a lightning bolt knocks out the power to your area and your uninterruptible power supply takes over the task of powering your network, that device has a lot riding on its ability to perform correctly. A functional UPS will eliminate system downtime or give you enough time to shut down your system properly to avoid sudden loss of power. If your UPS fails, though, then your system fails too—perhaps with catastrophic results.

Investing in UPS Battery Backups in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney

In the case of a power failure, your business’s IT setup can only be damage-proof if your uninterruptible power supply is reliable. A UPS, meanwhile, is only as reliable as its battery. If a UPS battery fails—even if it’s just one battery in one UPS in a chain of multiple uninterruptible power supplies—if can bring your entire IT network crashing down. In turn, you will have to deal with system downtime and potential data loss or equipment damage.

At Power On Australia, we can help you to ensure that your uninterruptible power supply is ready for anything that might happen. We have an extensive range of UPS battery backups available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and in each of Australia’s capital cities. We also offer UPS battery backup support online.

A battery backup or replacement is a smart investment if you have been safeguarding your IT system with the same UPS and battery for a few years now. As with any other type of battery, the batteries that power uninterruptible power supplies are not without flaws. They can lose charge over time and even lose their ability to hold a charge at all—issues that can bring about serious problems if and when you need to count on your UPS for network and equipment power.

How Power On Australia Can Help You Choose the Right UPS Battery Backup

At Power On Australia, we don’t just sell UPS battery backups in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or online. On the contrary, in addition to being a source for this type of niche battery, we also want to be the company you count on when you have questions about your UPS. We don’t just sell a product; we also make sure that each client gets the right product for their specific product. We can even offer installation and ongoing maintenance of our products, if necessary or desired.

In the case of battery backups, it’s important to get an expert opinion before you buy. Different brands of batteries offer entirely different levels of performance, which means that choosing a battery can be the difference between a functional UPS and thousands of dollars in equipment damage.

Our associates at Power On Australia can help you to choose the right battery for your UPS, or can study your UPS to tell you how much battery life you can expect to get out of your current battery pack. If you are in need of a UPS battery backup, click here and contact us online to get started.

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