When a power outage strikes your business, it’s important to have an uninterruptible power supply hooked up to keep your computing system running—at least until you can shut it down safely. However, the fact is that a UPS can’t be effective as it needs to be unless you can control it—either on-site or from a remote location. At Power On Australia, we sell UPS software online that is designed specifically to give you more oversight of your UPS system.

Our Software Types

Power On Australia has been in business for 12 years now and we’ve spent every day of that period helping our clients keep their electrical equipment ‘turned on.’ In addition to uninterruptible power supplies, generators, surge protectors, transformers, power distribution units and other similar emergency power essentials, we use sophisticated software suites from top brands including Eaton to achieve our goal.

The UPS software we stock in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Australia typically falls into two categories: enterprise power monitoring software and UPS supervisory or connectivity software. These two types of software have different purposes but ultimately work in harmony to give you more control over your business’s power systems.

  • Enterprise Power Monitoring Software is the more general software type of the two. Programs in this niche—such as Eaton’s Power Xpert Insight software—allow you to monitor all of the energy usage in your business facility (in Eaton’s words, ‘from the basement to the rooftop’). These programs allow you to understand how your facility uses power and in what quantities. They also make it easier to predict likely outages or problems, which can help you to be proactive about fixing those issues or to know when your uninterruptible power supply is going to be essential.
  • UPS Supervisory or Connectivity Software includes programs that allow you to control your uninterruptible power supplies in the case of outages. For instance, in cases where a power outage will last for longer than your stopgap UPS battery capacity can bridge, UPS supervisory software can go to working shutting down the computers, electronics, servers and network elements of your IT infrastructure—thereby preventing data loss or equipment damage. Power On Australia also carries software that allows you to connect with your UPS and the devices it powers remotely, using a web browser rather than a network card. These programs are invaluable for when you are half a country away and your business facility loses power. You can remotely manage your UPS and connected devices from afar, making decisions that you would previously have had to be onsite to make.

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