The American owned and operated Eaton Corporation is one of the world’s leading power management companies. In fact, Eaton offers a wider selection of power management and protection solutions available than any other company in the power industry. From small-scale power solutions (for a simple desktop computer, perhaps) to more sprawling power needs (a complete data centre), Eaton creates power management products for every niche of the market.

At Power On Australia, we have the knowledge for and selection of Eaton Corporation products to help you choose the right power management solution for your needs. We are particularly knowledgeable about Eaton’s UPS (or uninterruptable power supply) products, with the majority of our dozens of UPS options designed and manufactured by Eaton.

Finding an Eaton UPS in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth

If you are shopping for an Eaton UPS in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or Brisbane, then Power On Australia is the place to find it. For the past 12 years, we have been serving all six states of Australia.

Though we are headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Power On Australia also has offices situated in the capital cities of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, as well as on the island of Tasmania.

Furthermore, since we at Power On Australia do much of our business online, you can purchase an Eaton UPS from anywhere, using nothing more than an Internet connection and a credit card! Whether you are shopping for an Eaton UPS in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or some other Australian city, just drop by our website at to browse our product selection or prepare a transaction.

The Eaton UPS for You

If you are looking for an Eaton UPS in Adelaide, Sydney or elsewhere, Power On Australia can help guide you towards the best product for your unique purposes. If you aren’t sure precisely what you should be looking for, though, consider the two options below-both of which are among the most popular Eaton UPS products.

Eaton 9130: Popular for information technology, networking, medical systems, manufacturing processes and more, the Eaton 9130 is a UPS that can provide assured power protection for almost any electrical system. If you aren’t sure what kind of UPS you are looking for, the 9130 is a good place to start the search.

Eaton 5130: A value-priced rackmount convertible UPS, the Eaton 5130 gives you extra bang for your buck, with a number of impressive power protection features (including load segmentation, long battery runtime options, multiple communication options and much more) that you wouldn’t normally find in a similarly priced package.

Need help picking out the right Eaton UPS in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide or Melbourne? If so, get in touch with Power On Australia today. One of our sales associates will tell you more about our various available Eaton products, and help you choose the one that is right for you! You can reach us at 1300 662 435.

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