The Power Behind the Security Industry

A compelling case can be made for how important security systems are in protecting facilities, assets, employees and customers, and few would disagree that investing in a comprehensive plan to secure a business is a wise decision.

Controlling access to facilities is essential. Having surveillance cameras and video recording is important on several levels – fire and smoke alarms are often mandated.  Intrusion detection is important.  Being able to communicate in an emergency is vital. And for many businesses, including retailers, theft prevention is imperative.

All of the systems mentioned above contribute to protecting a business, and all of them have one thing in common: they all require power.  Without power, none of these systems provide the function for which they were designed.  As such, Power On Australia has worked closely with many security organisations to devise complete power quality and protection systems to suit their customers’ individual needs.


Our Security Industry Clients Include


C.R.Kennedy – On behalf of CR Kennedy we manage the power protection requirements for security applications within casinos, private manufacturers and medical organizations. In casinos, it’s essential the security balls over the gaming areas are powered continuously, along with security cameras, from which video playback is often used to establish proof of play.  This is a key area that C.R.Kennedy focuses on and Power On Australia is there to back them up every time with the right ‘Power Protection’ solution.

Honeywell – We have installed and provided ongoing maintenance for power protection equipment powering the prison key door locks and general surveillance on behalf of Honeywell. In prisons, Security camera times are time stamped as proof of events or incidents and the prison is required to prove there is enough battery backup in most cases for two hours or more. Uninterrupted power supply is therefore critical and it is Power On Australia that Honeywell calls upon to provide them with exactly the right solution with ample battery back up every time.

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