Ensuring Uninterrupted Power Supply

In any Industry or Manufacturing Plant, some processes just cannot be stopped. Others can be stopped, but only after a controlled shutdown procedure has been carried out, in order to avoid product loss, service stops and even casualties.  Most machinery is sophisticated and sensitive to main’s disturbance and even a simple electric motor can incur serious damage from unexpected voltage fluctuations.

We understand that these applications need to be reliable, robust and able to condition unstable grid power, which is a common on these sites. We will always have a power protection or quality solution to combat whatever power issues may arise.

Industrial and Manufacturing applications include Process Automation Equipment; Industrial Controls (SCADA, PLC and Industrial Computers;  Control & Security Rooms; Communications; Medical Equipment; Building Automation; Lifts and Robotics.

Whatever the application, Power On Australia will devise a solution to your power problems to ensure the smooth running of your Industry or Manufacturing Plant.


Our Industrial & Manufacturing Industry Clients Include


Visy Paper – Power On Australia has worked with Visy Paper for over 10 years on product sales and maintenance of their key power equipment.  For Visy, it’s vital key equipment like paper crushers remain powered as any outages can shut the entire site down at any one time.  Power On Australia has been by Visy’s side maintaining their UPS equipment at most of their sites Australia wide during planned shut downs in order to minimize the impact on any processes relying on their vital UPS equipment.

Bradnam’s Windows and Doors – Power On Australia has supplied a complete UPS and Genset solution for Bradnam’s Windows & Doors, plus the ongoing maintenance of this equipment, to ensure their production processes and associated IT Infrastructure continues as expected without any power outage downtime.   

One Steel – Power On Australia has been a key partner with One Steel to various sites Australia Wide, in providing ongoing maintenance of their power protection equipment.  Planned shut downs of the manufacturing processes are staged around equipment maintenance and Power On Australia has always been there for One Steel if and when required.  

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