Power On Australia can help your operation solve its power protection requirements with high quality Eaton Powerware. Eaton is one of the world’s leading producers of power chain management tools and the company’s products are supplied throughout the nation by Power On Australia, an organisation committed to providing simple, practical solutions for all types of power and power systems. The company supplies a wide range of Eaton products, including UPS power to ensure businesses have high quality backup power. With its passion for providing comprehensive, hands-on service, Power On Australia listens carefully to its customers to ensure that the correct solution is provided.

Why You Need UPS Power Systems

UPS, or uninterruptable power systems, are imperative for operations that need constant power. The information technology world, for example, can lose precious time when all of their systems are down due to a power outage. For those times when power is disrupted, a UPS power system helps keep the operation going while the situation is resolved. Eaton UPS power systems are designed to deliver high quality backup power for everything from a few desktop computers to a huge data center with multiple machines.

A UPS is helpful in a multitude of situations and when power does go out users of computers, for example, have the opportunity to save their work and then safely shut down their machines. A UPS system combines a surge suppressor with a battery. When the power goes out, the UPS detects that power has been turned off for whatever reason and the machine will automatically switch over to its backup power. Power On Australia will work closely with your organisation to determine the extent of your UPS needs and provide the most cost effective, efficient power solution.

How Power On Australia Can Help You

Power On Australia understands the importance of power to businesses and organisations around the country. The company works directly with customers to gather the necessary information to provide them with the proper power solutions. The expert team at Power On Australia can provide site power audits, power protection needs analysis, and complete power solution project management. The company can install the right power system to keep your business powered up and producing at favourable levels of output.

With a large stockholding of products and a network of suppliers, Power On Australia is able to meet the demands of customers throughout Australia. The company is able to respond to customers’ problems quickly and minimise any disruptions in day-to-day activity by providing, in most cases, same day or overnight service.

Power On Australia prefers to be proactive with power and power protection solutions. By being proactive, the company helps its customers save money in the long run. The power protection solution process begins with the experts at Power On Australia guiding customers through their range of products and services in an effort to find the right one for each individual customer so that they are protected and powered up at all times. For many customers, that may entail an Eaton power solution. Others may require a different solution.

Whatever the solution, Power On Australia will find it. Visit their website, www.poweronaustralia.com.au, to learn more about what the company can provide. You can also call 1300 66 24 35 and speak directly with a company representative.

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