Because uninterruptible power supplies are designed to protect the equipment in your computing system from damage or data loss in the case of a sudden power outage, they are often brought up in the same conversations as surge protectors.

Surge protectors, of course, are hubs of outlets designed to prevent major fluctuations in electricity from affecting your electrical equipment. Power surges, spikes or drops can damage or destroy computers, network gear and other gadgets and equipment if they are not protected. Surge protectors provide the necessary protection by absorbing power surges and working to keep a consistent and steady flow of electricity to your devices.

The Difference Between a UPS and a Surge Protector

As you might expect, surge protectors and uninterruptible power sources are not the same. A UPS can filter out some unwanted fluctuations in electrical flow and is responsible for delivering a continuous flow of electricity to connected devices.

However, surge protection is not the primary purpose of an uninterruptible power supply. Instead, the goal of these devices is to keep up the aforementioned ‘continuous flow of electricity’ even when your main power source is interrupted. In other words, if a storm knocks out your power, a UPS would keep electricity flowing to your computing network—buying you some time to shut it down safely.

Why You Might Need a UPS Surge Protector in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane

At Power On Australia, we offer a range of UPS surge protectors in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and throughout Australia. Why do you need a surge protector if you already have a UPS? Because uninterruptible power supplies aren’t necessarily designed to filter out huge power surges. A simple disruption of power and your UPS will keep on plugging. A major lightning strike that sends a blast of electricity throughout your business facility, however, is something that your UPS may or may not be equipped to handle.

Since a UPS is designed to protect your equipment from damage or data loss in the case of a power emergency, there is no sense in taking chances with the protection of the UPS itself. By safeguarding your uninterruptible power supply with a quality surge protector, you can double up the protection of your computers, network equipment and other IT technology with minimal hassle or cost.

At Power On Australia, we carry a range of UPS surge protectors online to help you add extra layers of safety to your IT system. Our commercial-grade surge filters, diverters and power boards are capable of filtering out power surges or fluctuations that your UPS cannot. Linking these protective devices into your system will make sure that electricity spikes never make it to your UPS—in turn ensuring that your computing system is kept doubly safe.

To start shopping for a UPS surge protector in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, get in touch with us at Power On Australia today. We are happy to point you in the direction of the right surge protector for your unique IT system or UPS device. Call us on 1300 66 24 35 or contact us online by clicking here and filling out our website contact form.

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