Eaton 5P Lithium-ion Rackmount UPS

TECHNOLOGY: Line Interactive Lithium-ion UPS
WARRANTY: 5 Year All-Inclusive Warranty (Electronics & Batteries)


Product Features

The Eaton 5P Lithium-ion Rackmount UPS offers a progression in battery technology and remote management, which is necessary for edge computing environments. The lithium-ion “set it and forget it” value proposition allows IT managers to quickly deploy the 5P without the maintenance and refresh challenges of a UPS utilising lead-acid batteries.

This UPS’s reduced weight, improved performance, and extended warranty make it beyond re-approach. These added benefits, in combination with the extended life of the product, provide IT managers with the opportunity to align their UPS refresh cycles with the rest of the IT stack, saving time and money spent on labour and replacement batteries. The average battery lifespan for this UPS is eight years.

Value-added benefits of the Eaton 5P Lithium-ion Rackmount UPS include:

  • PERFORMANCE – 2-3X longer lifespan allows users to ‘set it and forget it’ – a perfect value-add for remote edge environments
  • RESILIENCY – 6X faster recharge following power disruptions reduced vulnerability and improved runtime
  • SAFETY – On-board battery management system (BMS) monitoring in combination with proven Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry provides a reliable and safe offering
  • INTELLIGENCE – BMS provides up-to-date insight into battery performance, charge cycles and active temperature monitoring to keep users informed on the life cycle of their UPS battery.
  • INSTALLATION – Lightweight design (30% less than a standard lead-acid UPS) in combination with versatile mounting options allow for quick deployment.
  • GUARANTEE – 5 Year all-inclusive (electronics and battery) warranty provides peace of mind for customers.

Eaton 5P Lithium-ion Rackmount UPS comes with 5P UPS, a quick start guide, a USB cable, an RS-232 serial cable, a 4-post rail kit, 2 IEC-to-IEC jumper cables, and two cables for locking the system: an Input and an Output cable.

Eaton UPS systems can be scaled up or down, and configured to meet your specific power requirements, making it easy to upgrade or expand your power protection as your needs change. 

We are UPS specialists and offer design, installation and maintenance services to get the most out of your new equipment.

For pricing or further information, please phone Power On Australia on 1300 66 24 35 – OR – complete the enquiry form on this page.


Eaton 5P 1550VA Lithium UPS Brochure

  • 1550VA Model (Part# 5P1550GR-L)

Optional Extras:

  • Network Card (Part#: Network-M2)
  • Environment Monitoring (Part#: EMPDT1H1C2)
  • Relay Card (Part#: RELAY-M2)
  • MODBUS Card (Part#: Modbus-M2)
  • Surge Filtration (Part#: PSF10i)
  • Maintenance Bypass Switch (Part#: MBP10A)
  • Extended Warranty Plans
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Replacement Batteries

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