Eaton SC300

TECHNOLOGY: Supervisory Controller
SUITABLE FOR: 24 or 48V Power Systems, Wireless Cell Sites & Switches, Transmission Terminals + Local & Central office switching, Solar Hybrid, Data collection & Control (SCADA)applications
WARRANTY: 2 Year Full Warranty


Product Features

The Eaton SC300 System Controller is an advanced control and monitoring solution for Eaton Enterprise, Access, Metro and Core Power Solutions. 

The SC300 replaces the SC200 controller, providing higher performance and a range of advanced features while fully compatible with existing systems.

It provides a full suite of advanced communications options, including a built-in Ethernet interface, Web server, and SNMP agent. Alarm notifications may be by SNMP traps, email, SMS, or relay contact closures. The intelligent “Smart Alarms” feature provides highly configurable control and alarm to automated site management. It improves performance – e.g., disconnect loads during peak AC grid loading, run outdoor cabinets in low noise mode at night, manage to cool, or customise site alarms to network requirements.

The Eaton SC300 System Controller provides complete generator control and fuel metering capability for off-grid, hybrid generator, battery, solar, and wind applications. The Eaton SC300 System Controller is supplied pre-configured with a default configuration file or factory customised for a particular application, ensuring fast and problem-free installation. On-site changes are easily made from the front panel or a Windows PC.

The high-resolution colour LCD is easy to read and has an easy-to-use menu structure.

The SC300 works with separate system I/O boards for powerful and user-friendly interfacing. Easy, low-cost I/O expansion is possible by adding additional I/O panels.

Typical Applications include:
  • 24V & 48V power systems
  • Wireless cell sites & switches
  • Transmission terminals
  • Local & central office switching
  • Solar Hybrid systems
  • Data collection and control (SCADA)
The Eaton SC300’s Features Include the following:
  • 100BaseT Ethernet
  • Meter up to 20 channels of energy and power
  • Control ASC48-ES solar charger
  • Radius authentication
  • Add, average and Multiply input values with Smart Analogs
  • Outdoor cabinet fan control (with FC100)
  • User-configurable data/event log
  • Local view and configuration using a web browser over USB
  • Ethernet interface built-in
  • SNMP agent V1, V2c, V3
  • Battery mid-point monitoring & discharge time remaining
  • Generator control & fuel metering
  • Alternative energy input metering
  • SMS & email alarm messages (with cellular modem)
  • Comprehensive system control functions
  • Complies with international standards
  • Setup via the web, keypad or DCTools configuration software
  • Language options
  • Optional extra I/O boards or SiteSure 3G modules for expansion
  • Smart alarms
  • Modbus

Eaton UPS systems can be scaled up or down, and configured to meet your specific power requirements, making it easy to upgrade or expand your power protection as your needs change. 

We offer design, installation and maintenance services to get the most out of your new equipment. We are UPS specialists.

For pricing or further information, please phone Power On Australia on 1300 66 24 35 – OR – complete the enquiry form on this page.



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